The Wild West

The Wild West

It’s been a wild few weeks here in the forest in Glengarriff West Cork. In Ireland it is said on the 1st day of Imbolc/Spring if the day is fine and sunny, we are in for a long winter. This is the day that the Cailleach, the goddess of winter the old wise crone of the land is out collecting her firewood to keep herself warm for the coming months.This seems to be the case this year as Imbolc was dry and sunny, But in true Irish fashion anything could happen yet.


There is something very humbling being in a forest during a storm, witnessing Mother Nature in full expression.You feel so alive, awake but yet so insignificant. I had some incredible forest bathing experiences myself  here in Glengarriff during the calm pockets before and after the storms. The tranquility and stillness was profound. I would highly recommend it. So many wonderful things happen within our bodies while we are out in the forest, that make us feel incredible no matter the weather. 


As you walk through the forest you are breathing in chemical compounds and aerosols called phytoncides such as alpha pinene and limonene. These are the medicines of the trees which increase our Nk cells (white blood cells)  boost our immune system and help us to fight infection.It has been scientifically proven that spending 2 hrs in the forest shields our body and boosts our immune system for up to 30 days.It also lowers our heart rate, reduces our blood pressure, stress levels, anxiety and depression.


Forests  are rich in Microbes, which stimulate serotonin production, making us feel happier and relaxed.Being surrounded by Negative Ions (oxygen atoms ,charged with electricity created in Nature) has very positive effects on the body especially our respiratory health.Forest Bathing improves our cognitive functioning, while increasing our physical and mental energy.On a forest bathing walk the guide will take you on a journey open the door and the forest will increase your physical, mental, social, and ecological health. 


Glengarrif Lodge / Spring Equinox Forest Bathing Experience


 West Cork is very in tune with the cycles of nature, alot of places close for the winter season and go into a deep rest just like the trees. But now we are beginning to come out of hibernation and there are alot of wonderful events happening over the next few weeks coming up to the Spring Equinox. The excitement is building and you can feel the life and light returning to the people and also in the land. The buds on the trees are in full swing and the hazel earrings are dangling in the wind.


Glengarriff forest therapy will be guiding 3 different forest bathing experiences in West Cork in  3 different amazing venues over the next few weeks.I have been invited to guide a walk at Treefest 2020 on Saturday March 7th at the Manch Project, Balineen. This is a great educational festival on Trees, Forestry,Climate change,Herbal Medicine Planting and Re wilding   For more details


The next is on International Forest Day, I will guide a forest bathing experience to celebrate the Spring Equinox 21st of March at the beautiful luxurious Glengarriff Lodge at 3pm. Tickets available here on website.


As part of International Tree Week, i will guide a forest bathing experience  in the exclusive Liss Ard Estate in Skibbereen for The Well Being Network. In the afternoon I will give a talk about the practise of forest bathing and its benefits . Bookings through 49 North Street, Skibbereen .


A busy month ahead for GFT . Remember through it all, to stay wild. Get outside as much as possible in Nature whenever you can, take a few deep breaths and observe your surroundings. If you can’t get to the forest, find a patch of grass or the nearest Tree. It will change your whole mindset and the worst that can happen is it will make you feel better.


Be kind to your mind and to yourselves,

Take care ,

Lisa and the Forest .

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