Imbolc Blessings

Imbolc Blessings

I have been slowly coming out of hibernation the last few weeks here in the forest, as the land and trees begin to awaken, so am I. My mind has been bursting with creative ideas and dreams for the coming year that I am delighted to share. The birds have also been waking me up earlier with their sweet songs,as they prepare and defend their nesting territory, they know there’s work to be done. 

The last 2 years have been extremely strange, uncertain and stressful at times on us all. Nature has been my constant healer, teacher and continues to be my source of truth as I navigate it all. It is amazing what happens when you sit still among the trees with no agenda but to simply just be and observe. Mother earth always reflects exactly what we need to know in every moment. 

This year I am very excited to announce some new offerings. Mná Fiáin, meaning wild women in Irish. This is a safe space for women to gather in circle deep in the wilds of the forest for a nurturing day of nature connection, healing, transformation and ancient rituals. We will be marking the 4 Celtic Fire Festivals of the year. Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lughnasagh and Samhain. We had a wonderful time at Imbolc.

 I am delighted to be back in the Nature Reserve for forest bathing group sessions aswell as private bookings. I will also have various 6 week Forest Therapy courses available during Spring and Autumn only, dates will follow soon. That’s the update from me here in the woods. Imbolc blessings to you all, wishing you  a wonderful Spring, enjoy the brightness, the birds and flowers. Remember to get outside as much as you can and simply be with nature, whenever you can, she will guide you. 

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