Forest Therapy

Nature Based Therapy

Forest Therapy is a nature based therapy or treatment intervention designed to support people with specific needs. It is grounded in the Forest Bathing practise of sensory connection through immersion in the forest atmosphere. A Forest Therapist works in partnership with healthcare professionals to create and design therapeutic nature based programmes.

Forest Therapy can be a supportive, complementary therapy for many different populations. Nature Interventions and Green Prescriptions can be designed for Wellness, Stress Management, Rehabilitation, Mental Health and Cancer Patients. It is a guided practise to enhance physical, mental and social wellbeing of the group. Each programme or course is precisely tailored to meet clients requirements.

Participants are given the tools to develop their stress management skills. Forest Therapy increases a sense of purpose through nature connectedness, leading to enhanced self awareness. This in turn improves individuals mood, reduces anxiety and empowers them with better emotional control. Knock on effects include more energy, higher levels of focus and creativity, more meaningful engagement in activities and higher self esteem. Many trees give off organic compounds called phytoncides ,which increases our NK (natural killer cells ) which increase our white blood cells, helping to fight disease and infections.