Forest Therapy Courses 2022

Over the past two years I have held two forest therapy courses to reduce stress and anxiety in Glengarriff. It was an incredible journey for us all, great friendships and memories were made. The participants enjoyed it so much they wanted to keep the practice up. So now we meet regularly once a month to reconnect and to continue our forest therapy practice. 

This year I am planning to hold a course in Spring and two courses in Autumn. The course is specially designed to relieve stress, anxiety, promote deep relaxation, while grounding us in the present moment. 

Each week we will explore and awaken our senses through nature based invitations to enhance our health and wellbeing, surrounded by ancient oak trees, mossy stones and waterfalls. 

 This is a transformational journey to  remember our innate connection to nature, to support and empower us during these ever changing times. It is a great way to meet like minded people and to learn skills that you can use in your everyday life. 

A small intimate group of 6 people, booking essential as places are limited. I have 2 different time slots available mid week and weekends in Autumn.


 Spring : 

Saturday afternoons at  2.30pm – 5 pm (starts March 5th)

Autumn : 

Wednesday mornings  10.30 – 1pm

(September 14th – October 19th)

Saturday afternoons   2 – 4.30 

(September 17th – 22nd October)

You will also be offered nature connection practices to take home & experience during the week. After the course there is an option to join  our monthly Forest Therapy Group, to keep the practice up and join in whenever you need to.

If am also available for private course bookings if you have your own group. 

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